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Kids Spot:

This page is dedicated to all the young people who are training their dogs and puppies. We will share their photos and fun stories. So check back often!

My New Puppy
By Foster R.

My name is Foster and I am 11 years old. I have been begging for a dog for a couple of years now. We have had three Alaskan Malamutes but we lost our last one three years ago due to old age. I finally got a new puppy about 3 weeks ago. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog and his name is Buddy. He looks like a little bear and he bites like one too! Ms. Laura from our dog class has been helping us train him not to bite and not to go potty in the house. Except for those two things he is a PERFECT dog for us!

I have learned from class that it is not such a puppy problem that is causing the biting and house training issues but the humans sharing his space aren’t doing what they need to make him successful. When I don’t pay attention to how rough I am playing with him or if I haven’t taken him out for exercise the biting and accidents in the house increase. When I get up every morning and take him out for a walk and spend time gently playing with him there is no biting or potty issues. Buddy is such a good puppy and is so calm most of the time when I remember to do my jobs with him. Sometimes I get tired and wish somebody else would take over but I know that’s not right. He’s growing so fast and I am learning not only how to take care of my puppy but how to be responsible in all that I do. I think puppy training is training me for life.

Foster and Buddy
Foster and his Bernese Mountain puppy “Buddy”


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