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The Story of Beaky Robin

When I first found Little Beaky Robin his health and safety were my main concerns.  I never imagined I would turn my time with him into a book for kids.  And I certainly didn’t know at that time whether or not the story of Beaky would have a happy ending.

I began writing about Beaky in my journal.  The second day of my Beaky adventure I began taking pictures.  He was such a sight to see!  He could barely hold his head up and he couldn’t stand up.  The fact that he would take nourishment from me was astounding and heartwarming.  And of course my deep rooted mothering instincts took over!

There were a couple of pictures I had to take with my cell phone camera because feeding the little guy kept me pretty busy.  And I didn’t always have my camera on hand.

The most amazing part of this chronicle is that Beaky’s parents became actively involved in my care of their offspring.  The few pictures I was able to take are evidence of our shared commitment to their baby bird.
When they began flying into the greenhouse to feed Beaky I had to stop taking pictures.  I didn’t want to scare them or prevent them from feeding him.  

Once Beaky was gone I sat down and finished up his story.  I sent it out via email to a few friends and their response was overwhelming!  Write a book! 

And so it is…..  The Story of Beaky Robin

The Story of Beaky Robin

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